Available in two different sizes: 20" x 36" and 24" x 48".  The Ice Shield is also available in convex and concave shapes.  The electronics are powered by 6 Duracell 3 volt batteries.  The box can be removed independently for repair therefore not requiring the shield to be taken out of service.



When it comes to hazardous crowd control or extractions, the StunTronics Ice Shield is the ultimate safeguard.  This electrified riot shield provides added protection when faced with disorderly crowds, civil disturbances, prison disturbances or forced cell entries.

Utilizing electronic immobilization technology, the shield is constructed of 1/4" polycarbonate Lexan and features nine sparking display points on the front providing a visible deterrent. It can be used as a traditional riot shield or, with the flip of a switch, manually deliver a non-lethal, immobilizing shock on contact.  The shield is currently used by numerous organizations including the New York City DOC at Riker's Island.